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Jobseekers FAQs
Q: What if I’m looking for a permanent position?

A: iCST handles contract, contract to hire, and direct hire IT positions.

Q: Can I become a W-2 employee of iCST instead of an independent contractor?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I submit my resume?

A: You can review our open jobs and submit your resume here.

Q: What happens after you review my resume?

A: You’ll be contacted by one of our recruiters. We’ll introduce you to our company philosophy, values and expectations. We’ll answer your questions and discuss current available positions. If one interests you, we’ll submit your resume to the company.

Q: Can I find out who you're sending my resume to?

A: Yes. Before we submit your resume, we get your permission.

Q: What happens if the client is interested? 

A: First, we brief you on the client, their business, expectations, your job description and who you’d report to. We’ll bring you over to meet them in person so the relationship gets off on the right foot. If you’re “from away” (that’s Maine-speak for anywhere outside the state), we’ll help you find accommodations and familiarize you with the area, explain how to get to LL Bean, etc.

Q: How much will this cost me?

A: Nothing. All fees are paid by the client company.

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