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iCST DevOpsImproved velocity, reliability, collaboration, quality, delivery, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. 
Being able to adapt and respond quickly to customer needs is essential in today's business environment. DevOps applies Lean techniques and processes to build trust and ownership. Focusing on creating value and working to improve both workflow and product constantly, it is designed to increase the speed of getting products to market or features to production. DevOps is not simply the bringing together of Application Development and IT Operations, it is a cultural shift toward a collaborative environment in support of the rapid delivery of value and meeting customer needs. Effective DevOps breaks down the barriers between Application Development and IT Operations to deliver the highest quality product in the shorted amount of time.  
DevOps can be challenging for even the most adept organizations; finding experienced and high quality DevOps people can be even more challenging.
At iCST, we focus on finding candidates with experience in developing organization that:
  • Increase velocity/speed to market: Teams focus on small increments of the highest priority delivered frequently, which increases the speed to market and value to the customer. 
  • Focus on continous improvement: With a focus on both the DevOps process and the product, teams collaborate across the delivery spectrum to deliver the highest value and quality to the customer.
  • Realizing rapid delivery: Small, high valued features delivered frequently to the customer create value faster.
With iCST's rigorous recruitment and screening process, we are able to recruit excellent and epxerienced DevOps consultants. This process can filter out those who may not be a good match for your organzation. If you are looking for a highly qualified DevOps personnel, or, if you are a highly experienced and successful DevOps practitioner, contact iCST at 207-772-6898 or email info@i-cst.com

DevOps Tools
*Tools for monitoring- Nagios, NewRelic, Graphite, etc...
*Virtualization and Containerization Tools- Vagrant, VMware, Xen, Docker, etc...
*Tools for build, test, and deployment- Jenkins, Maven, Ant, Travis, Bamoo, Teamcity. etc..
*For configuration Mangement- Puppet, Cheg, Ubuntu JuJu, Ansible, cfengine, etc...
*For Orchestration- Zookeeper, Noah, etc...
*For Cloud Services- Azure, Openstack, Rackspace, etc... 











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