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“Let me add my sincere congratulations to all for a quality job completed ON SCHEDULE! " 

Rick Downe, Bureau of Human Resources, State of Maine

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“Wow, I never thought iCST would be one of the best companies I have worked with! 

Surya Kusuma, UNUM

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iCST Software Consulting

iCST Software Development: Speed and Excellence

With e-business evolving at a dizzying pace, speed to market is essential. So is keeping your IT team lean and low-overhead. With the iCST software development department, you can have both.

iCST is your local resource with global connections. The expert programmers in our Maine headquarters are ready to supplement your in-house development team as needed. For larger projects and those requiring round-the-clock progress, we can hand off each day’s work to our iCST offices in India, where our expert staff can continue work. iCST’s follow-the-sun capabilities mean work on your project never needs to stop. Result: Faster completion of your projects and a substantial cost reduction.

Do you have a software development project in the works? iCST can probably save you time and money. Contact us for a free, no-obligation initial consultation. Call 207-772-6898 or e-mail.

Our in-house capabilities include:

• E-commerce and e-business applications
• Sun Solaris, Oracle 8i, Web Objects
• UNIX, Windows NT
• Visual Basic, VC++, Java, ASP, Active X.
• Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access
• PowerBuilder, Forms
• Alliance partner of Siebel systems and CyberCash


• Application software migration from legacy systems to two-tier and three-tier client/server architectures
• Software migration from AREV to Oracle/Forms
• 4D/Mac to 4D/Window
• Informix 4GL to Visual Basic
• 4D to Visual Basic


    * Oracle
    * MS SQL
    * MySQL
    * Sybase
    * Informix
    * Access
    * 4D


    * C#
    * Java
    * VB.net
    * C++
    * ASP
    * ActiveX
    * COM
    * DCOM

Operating Systems & Platforms:

    * Microsoft
    * Apple
    * Sun Solaris
    * HP-UX
    * VAX/VMS
    * Linux
    * Java Web Server
    * Apache Web Server
    * Weblogic

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