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“Let me add my sincere congratulations to all for a quality job completed ON SCHEDULE! " 

Rick Downe, Bureau of Human Resources, State of Maine

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“Wow, I never thought iCST would be one of the best companies I have worked with! 

Surya Kusuma, UNUM

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Software Testing

i-CST IT Staffing

Software Testing/ Software Quality Assurance needs to be looked at strategically by companies. In the rush to deploy applications and start reaping benefits, organizations often overlook basic fundamental defects before releasing. If you have been in the software industry for some time, you know what we mean. No application can ever be bug free! However you can mitigate your risks of catastrophic failure with a holistic view to testing.
Zen Test Labs the testing arm of iCST is an independent software testing services provider with a niche focus on the Banking, Financial Services and Banking product domains. Based out of India, Zen Test Labs is well recognized in the software testing world for delivering quality software testing solutions to global corporations. With a mix of proprietary tools and specialized testing services, Zen Test Labs has successfully assisted multiple Fortune 500 customers with their Quality Assurance & Software Testing programs. Because of our focus on Thought Leadership, we are regularly featured at testing conferences globally including the prestigious STAREAST and STARWEST conferences.
Some of the top reasons clients choose our testing arm, Zen Test Labs include:
Focus on Innovation: 
  • Our ability to innovate consistently in the software testing space and deliver value adds such as frameworks, processes and IP products
  • Our focus on Thought Leadership which enables us to help our clients understand testing trends and leverage the power of test case design
Focus on Test Automation:
  • Our ability to identify the right components of the software testing process to automate
  • Our ability to successfully maximize test automation while keeping cost structures low
Focus on Software Validation:
  • Our ability to manage complex parts of the manual testing process
  • Our niche focus being: independent software testing and a focus on the Banking & Financial Services vertical and the Test Automation horizontal.
Our solutions are focused on the industries including:
• Banking 
• Financial Services Institutions  
• Insurance Providers
• Banking Product Companies 
• Mobile Application Development Firms 
• eLearning 
We provide you with an array of testing services across these domains that include:
• Quality Consulting 
• Testing Consulting & Training  
• Manual Testing 
• Test Automation 
• IP Based Testing Products 
• Performance Testing 
• Security Testing